Chinese Cresteds
Chinese Cresteds

If you are lookin to have one of our
Outlaw's for your very own,
Just fill out this here Application
If you have any questions just
Give us a Holler
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Is there a certain puppy/dog that we have at this time you are interested in?
Please list three references with their Name, Address, Phone Number and Email:




If you have no plans for showing would you be willing to sign a spay/neuter contract?
If yes, Do you intend to show the dog yourself or hire a handler?
Are you interested in competition in performance events such as obedience, or agility?
Have you ever shown a dog to it's championship?
Are you interested in showing the dog in the conformation ring?
Have you ever taken a pet to a pound or shelter?
If so, what were the circumstances?
Have you ever given a pet away?
If so, what were the circumstances?
Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder?
If so, what were the circumstances?
Do you have any other animals?
If yes, how many and of what species?
How will he/she be confined when outside?

What made you decide on a Chinese Crested?
What sex are you interested in?
What Variety are you interested in?
Do you have any children?

If yes, How many and what are their ages.
Are you willing to provide pictures of your home?
If yes,  please email them here.
Is anyone home during the day?
Are you married, have a partner or single?
May we contact this Veterinarian for a reference?
Name, address and phone number of your veterinarian:
Are you allowed to have pets there?
Own or rent?
Type of dwelling:
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E-mail address:
How did you find us?
If renting, has your landlord given you permission to have a pet and are you willing to provide the landlord's name, address and phone # if approved for a puppy?
If yes, please provide landlord info below.
Do you own a Chinese Crested at this time ?
Feel free to email photos of the other animals you own here.
Will you be attending any training classes?
Does anyone in your household have allergies  to animals ?
Do you have the support of everyone in your household to get a new puppy/dog?